viernes, octubre 28, 2005

Cloaca-Cola Catapult Engineer

You're fighting a Cloaca-Cola Catapult Engineer

You encounter a Cloaca-Cola Catapult Engineer trying to load a huge rock into a catapult. He rolls the rock back and forth, trying to get enough momentum going to load the catapult.

"That's it!" you shout. "Rock? Rolling? Cola Wars? I can't take this any more!" You charge forward waving your weapon.

He gets the jump on you.

He shouts, "This is for the Space Monkey Mafia!" and rolls his rock over your skull. Oof! Ow! Argh! Argh!

You lose 13 hit points.

You hit for 20 damage. ZAP! KERBLAM! SPLAT! WHAM! BARF!You win the fight!You gain 11 Strongness.
You gain 2 Mysteriousness.