martes, noviembre 01, 2005

28 days into the Future

Aca está una nueva aventura del Council of Loathing:

Ah, good, just the Adventurer we wanted to see. We expect that, by now, you've noticed all the temporal rifts popping up around the Kingdom. Well, in our historical archive, we found an old medical journal dating back to the Cola Wars. Apparently, many soldiers on both sides of the war were infected by a mysterious plague, contracted from some of the many unexpected reinforcements that joined the two armies during the battle for the Nearby Plains. The symptoms described sound eerily similar to the plague that's been infecting our population in the present time.

The bad news is: the journal says that, left uncured, the Gray Plague turns those infected with it into mindless, slavering zombies. The good news is: the military doctors were able to formulate a vaccine for the Gray Plague. The other bad news is: the primary ingredient for the cure is a certain gland found in the heads of the aforementioned zombies.

However, we've been able to come up with a solution. Don't ask how, but we've managed to create a rift that leads to a temporal location of our choosing, to wit: the Seaside Town, 28 days from now, after the entire population of the Kingdom has transformed into zombies. We need you to travel there and collect the ingredients for the cure, and then bring them back to the current time so that we can figure out how to immunize the citizens of Loathing against the infection.

Oh, and don't try to leave the town while you're in the future, as the rest of the Kingdom is highly radioactive. Apparently, one of us decided -- um, decides? Will be going to decide? -- that nuking the Kingdom from orbit would be the only way to be sure. It probably will have sounded like a good idea at the time.


Blogger Necroman said...

Hasta ahora no he podido entender cómo resolver el quest. Llevo como 6 zombie pineal glands, y nada. Hay reportes de majes que llevan 100 y nada.

Traté de hacerle zap con la varita y nada.

Traté de combinarlo con un disembodied brain y nada.

Nada. Qué triste.

3:23 p. m.  
Blogger Necroman said...

You're fighting a Zombie Quiet Healer

You focus your Wizardliness through your staff.

You hit for 38 damage. ZAP! WHAMMO! BONK! KAPOW! ZOT! ZOT! BARF!

You win the fight!

You gain 135 Meat.

You acquire an item: zombie pineal gland

You gain 4 Strongness.
You gain 14 Magicalness.
You gain 6 Sarcasm.

Adventure again (Wrong Side of the Tracks, 28 Days Later)

Go back to Seaside Town, 28 Days Later

3:24 p. m.  
Blogger UngaMan said...

La discusion en Coldfront está interesante: han intentado combinar con un monton de cosas pero sin exito.

Ahora, serán 28 dias tiempo jugador que llega ese nivel o 28 dias para todo el Reino en general a partir de hoy?

En ColdFront postearon una teoria: algo puede suceder con las glandulas cuando las lunas esten oscuras. Esto debido a que la glandula pineal se describe como un organo durmiente.

La verdad que está interesante. Esperemos si que esta cosa tenga buen final y no se la manera de Jick para cerrar o resetear a CERO todo el juego.

Y ke talq si presenta alguna solucion tipo Star Trek con viajes a traves del tiempo?

6:03 p. m.  
Blogger Necroman said...

No sé, me tiene enchilado!

11:38 a. m.  

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