sábado, octubre 29, 2005

Halloween donde Aflubdubdub

Manden un mensaje a Aflubdubdub con el texto "Trick or Meat!" para recibir su regalito.

You look around to make sure nobody's watching you, and tear open the package.

From: Aflubadubdub.

You hear someone muttering something about interruptions, and the door flies open. "What the #0@ do you want?", he screams at you. You can barely make him out, as the only light available is coming from a bank of computers.
>for(m=1 to 75) do
> login(meat_mlti_[m])
> for i=1 to 3: equip_meat_gem()
> for a=1 to 44: adventure(64)
> for (i=1 to 3) : unequip_meat_gem()
> kmail(meat_mtli[m+1], meat_gem, meat_gem, meat_gem)
> logout()
> end do.

"Um, hey, isn't that the IP of Kingdom of Loa..."
"What if it is? Here, take this and screw off, ya punk. Get outa here before I beat your brains in!" With that, he thrusts something into your hands.

You acquire an item: Angry Farmer candy