sábado, octubre 29, 2005

Halloween at Aflubadubdub (II)

You look around to make sure nobody's watching you, and tear open the package.

From: Aflubadubdub.

No one answers, so you rip the door open. Funny enough, this is one of those crazy front doors that opens outwards! No sooner do you pull the handle, an avalanche of Dyspepsi Cola cans buries you on the front porch. A rather upset looking cow plods up to you.

"Ah yes. I was testing a little... urban legend shall we say. Due to the enchanced nature of my gastrointestinal system, it took a bit more work to test than it would for one of you puny adventurers. Would you like to try it for yourself? I'd offer you some Cola to complete phase two, but... well. Yes."

The cow hooves some candy into your bag, and turns to plod off. You notice four little holes blasted into the cows underside, and wonder if the whole Cola thing is really such a good idea...

You acquire an item: Rock Pops

Si no me equivoco, aca hacen referencia a los Cazadores de Mitos (Myth Busters) del Discovery Channel en su episodio Piloto #1:

The Pop Rocks and soda legend concerns a boy known as little Mikey, who was featured in commercials for Life cereal. Some years later, Mikey was challenged by his friends to eat six packs of Pop Rocks candy with six cans of soda. According to the myth, the carbon dioxide in the candy combined with the carbon dioxide in the soda to create so much pressure that Mikey's stomach exploded and he died. Our MythBusters risk their lives for you, the viewer, in these two death-defying experiments.