viernes, noviembre 18, 2005

King Ralph

Sorceress' Chamber

You shout "Hi-keeba!" and deliver a fierce karate chop to the prism. It shatters into a quintillion tiny pieces of magic, which whirl around the king and blow him back to safety on top of the decimated sorceress' tower.

The shards of magic form a swirling vortex in the sky, which rips a gash in the very fabric of reality. Whoops.

King Ralph the XI stands before you in all his regal glory. "I'm sorry, adventurer," he says, "but the king is in another castle." Then he breaks into a hearty chuckle. "Well done, adventurer! You laid the smack down on that skank with admirable derring-do and panache. I am eternally in your debt."

The Sorceress' Tower (Top)
A scintillating, vibrating hole in the very fabric of reality floats just above the ruins of the sorceress' chamber. Looking at it makes your eyes hurt a little bit, and the high-pitched whistling noise coming out of it doesn't help, either. Still, its siren call is hard to resist.