jueves, noviembre 03, 2005

Resuelto el quest de los zombies

Hay que obtener las zombie pineal glands del seaside town del futuro, ir al Doc Galaktik del presente y cambiarlas por la Loaded Serum Blowgun. Aquí el contenido:

Doc Galaktik disappears into the back of his wagon for a few minutes, then reemerges, holding a blowfish. "Whoops," he says, goes back, and reemerges holding a blowgun.

"Here you are, my friend! This is loaded with a dart coated with a single dose of my patented Gray Plague innoculation, Ofuxxor™"
You acquire an item: loaded serum blowgun

loaded serum blowgun
This blowgun contains a dart coated in Ofuxxor™ serum. Are you plagued by gray chat? Is your text getting lighter and lighter? Do you cough more than you hic? Ofuxxor™ can help. Ask your doctor about Ofuxxor™ today!

Ofuxxor™ may cause missing limbs, lack of marmosets, and overall malaise. Pregnant women, or men who are impregnated with alien embryos, should not take Ofuxxor.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded

Para dispararla, hay que ir al inventario, a los misceláneos, y usarla en un jugador.

Shoot the blowgun at (name or playerid)
[search players]

You have 1 more blowgun.

Back to Inventory

Después de usarla..

You sneak up on necroman, aim, and fire! Direct hit to the eye! You hear a satisfying "OWWW!" come out of necroman as you stealthily slink away.
You acquire an item: empty blowgun
Now what in the heck are you going to do with this?

Shoot someone with a blowgun.
You don't have any more of those.
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