domingo, febrero 26, 2006

ninja pirate zombie robot


The ninja pirate zombie robot head's single red eye comes to life, and looks around. It rolls up to a clockwork spine, and attaches itself to it at the neck. The resultant snakelike thing slithers over to a cheap toaster, and connects it to the bottom of the spine.

It then rolls around in pine tar, and attaches a couple of bones to its left side. It repeats this for the right side, and then attaches a clockwork claw to each arm.

Gears whir and bones grind as the thing picks up the Chest of the Bonerdagon and attaches it to the front of its spine. It then grabs a couple more wads of pine tar, and uses them to attach two spiked femurs to the toaster.
Fully constructed, the skeleton grabs a handful of disembodied brains, and casually munches on them as it sews a ninja outfit out of a couple of clockwork sheets.

Glancing at its new threads, it beeps approvingly. It loads its pockets with frigid ninja stars, teeny-tiny ninja stars, and a star throwing star, before grabbing an icy-hot katana with one hand and a blundarrrbuss with the other.

You acquire an item: ninja pirate zombie robot

ninja pirate zombie robot
What could be a better bodyguard than something that's utterly confused about its own identity?
Okay, don't answer that.
Still, it'll serve you faithfully as long as you don't run out of ricerumbrainsoil.

Type: familiar
Cannot be traded.
Cannot be discarded

martes, febrero 14, 2006

Despues de mi primera Ascención HC Oxygenarian


You open the envelope. Inside is a letter.

Dear Night Crawler:

Thank you ever so much for rescuing me from that dreadful prism. Please accept these goodies as a token of my appreciation.

The weather is very nice. I wish you were here.

-XOXO, King Ralph XI

The letter is a bit confusing. You've only just arrived in this Kingdom, and the whole reason you came is because you found out that the King is trapped, and they need somebody to rescue him.

You also wonder what goodies he's talking about, when some stuff suddenly materializes at your feet.

Ah. These goodies.

You have unlocked a new tattoo.
You acquire an item: plexiglass pinky ring
You have unlocked a new tattoo.
You acquire an item: pork elf goodies sack
You acquire 3 cans of Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air
You have unlocked a new tattoo.