martes, junio 06, 2006

Ayer fue el dia de Jarlsberg y el clan Aflubbaddubb regaló objetos a quien envió un mensaje a su bot, Aflubabot.

Aquí el que recibió Tramposín

You look around to make sure nobody's watching you, and tear open the package.

From: Aflubabot.

You wander around the Mansion's perimeter for a bit, and then hear some commotion from the sports complex out back. It seems to be set up for some type of inter-clan magic contest, with various people walking around in long dark robes. Team colors seem to be represented by what type of tie each fan is wearing. A goblet of flame, obviously of some importance, sits in the middle of the field.

As you take in the sights, you are jostled by a group of youngsters, apparently the atheletes. They're all holding brooms.

"Cool," you say to yourself. "I finally get to see one of those strange contests I've heard so much about."

Apparently you said it to more than just yourself, because one of the youngsters looks at you quizzically. "Strange?" he says as he breaks off the broomstick. "We're just playing stick-ball."

With that, he pulls out a golden ball, gives it a mighty whack, and wanders onto the field.

Some parts of the ball seem to have fallen off, though. You decide to keep them for a souveneir.

You acquire an item: phonics down